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For Sale: Emerson Knives Folder C7B-BT 3.3" Black Plain
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Price: $170.00 Manufacturer: Listed On: 2013-09-05
Seller: Dealer Caliber: Listed In: Outdoor Gear - Knives
Listings by mac Action: Location: United States, Springfield, MO
Firearm Type: Area of City: 3903 S Campbell Ave
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The ultimate traveling companion. This knife was developed as a direct result of overwhelming customer demand. You wanted it, now you can have it. With a smaller pocket size version, featuring a blade under 3 inches, this knife can now be carried safely in most regions on earth. You can carry it in your pocket or clipped to your pocket. From the hot dusty streets of Morocco to the footpaths of the Hindu Kush, from the subways of Paris to the crowded streets of New York, this knife will be your constant companion. The Mini-CQC-7 features our Patented "wave shaped opening feature" or Remote Pocket Opener. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket.
Product List - For Sale Emerson Knives Folder C7B-BT 3.3
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