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For Sale: Remora IWB
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Price: $20 Manufacturer: Listed On: 2014-03-13
Seller: Private Party Caliber: Listed In: Firearm Accessories - Holsters
Listings by this user Action: Location: United States, Springfield, MO
Firearm Type:
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Remora holsters are made with a material that bonds with fabrics. You tuck the holster inside your waistband and it stays put. I used this holster for carrying while trail running with just athletic shorts and a t-shirt and it never budged. I don't have the gun that went in it anymore so I don't need the holster. These sell for $30 new. It is in perfect condition.
It fits the following pistols:

Beretta PX Storm SC
H&K P2000 SK
Springfield Armory XD SC
Wather PPS

It says anything with a large stout frame and barrel up to 3.3"
Product List - For Sale Remora IWB
Product List - For Sale Remora IWB
Product List - For Sale Remora IWB
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